Making a train website that is simply helpful and engagingly pleasing

After an extensive in-house research project the Virgin Trains web team wanted to put some of those learnings to good use to improve the content on their public facing website. The research uncovered a number of customer pain points with train travel and these formed part of the brief.

The opportunity was also taken to update the design of the rest of the site to bring it up to date and implement a truly responsive approach.

I also worked with 3rd party white label providers to update the booking flow, help and customer enquiry functions.


Lowe Profero

Live site


The process

Stakeholder management

The project was kicked off with a number of workshops to capture business objectives and discuss knowledge held within different parts of the business.

Personas and user flows

From the research data we created 5 key personas and user flows to help everyone on the project understand the users pain points, objectives and opportunities.

Information architecture

From the business objectives, user flows and personas a site structure was created to start planning the more detailed requirements for the sections and content of the site.


A collaborative approach with clients, design and UX was used to flesh ideas and functionality. Quick sketches were used to discuss concepts and then iterated during brainstorming sessions.

Urban up and comers persona

The initial sketched concepts were then taken to the next level of detail by producing wireframes for the key pages and templates.


Some of the more complicated interactions were turned into working prototypes, this was done throughout using both wireframes and final visual designs.

User testing

A number of user testing sessions were held throughout the process to validate the ideas against users who matched the project personas.

Annotated documentation

The final deliverable was an annotated document which was used as a reference for clients, project management, design and developers. This document was started day one of the project and evolved as all of the pieces came together.

Example Final designs

I worked closely with the design team ensuring that the experience was translated into a final visual design. Below are some of the desktop pages but the designs were also created for mobile, tablet portrait and tablet landscape.


Station information

Ticket help