Adding a touch of class to a hotel website

After an extensive in-house research project the Virgin Trains web team wanted to put some of those learnings to good use to improve the content on their public facing website. The research uncovered a number of customer pain points with train travel and these formed part of the brief.

The opportunity was also taken to update the design of the rest of the site to bring it up to date and implement a truly responsive approach.

I also worked with 3rd party white label providers to update the booking flow, help and customer enquiry functions.



Live site


The process

Lean UX

Daily team stand ups and stakeholder stand ups every other day gave us a chance to rapidly collaborate on concepts. Meaning we were able to pass work onto design quickly where we worked with them to focus on the details.


I worked primarily on concepting the hotel search process and hotel details. First  sketching alternate directions and then iterating on the most successful approach.


Using existing data sets from an industry standard feed I had to decide what information was actually important. The destination data was also a minefield where hierarchy was confused and needed clarification.

User research

At relevant points in the process ideas, concepts and designs were shown and explained to users within the key audience types. A script was designed to ensure that the ideas were discussed and validated in a controlled way.

Example Final designs

As design was working almost in parallel with the experience work we had a very collaborative relationship. Sometimes working out details with sketching while working  with the designer directly.


Search results

Search results - grid view

Search results - map view