Looking for the right kind of search

As part of an exercise to add thousands of products to the online catalogue of primark.com, a site search feature needed to be created. This came with some special requirements as the site does not sell products online and has other rich content and information about the fashion, the stores and the company. Search results needed to mix the differing kinds of results without confusing the user.

After going through an ideation process I came up with an interstitial step where the user could choose whether to see results of products, articles or information from elsewhere on the site. This required a search feature that was clever enough to know what kind of search the user was performing.

The final design went on to test extremely well and has since been implemented almost exactly as I envisioned.


Lowe Profero

Live site


The process

Competitor analysis

Fashion is a sector where users are very familiar with searching online. I spent some time finding the best in class competitors to see what worked and to see how far I could go with the interaction design.


Because of the special requirements of this search journey I produced several solutions and discussed them with the wider product team to discuss which would fit the business needs.


After more detailed sketches I transferred the idea to a responsive wireframe so I could flesh out the details of the concept.

Interaction design

As the proposed interaction was very bespoke to the needs of Primark it made sense to set up a working prototype to show all of the key stakeholders how the proposed design would function.

Example Final designs

Initial search overlay

Dress results

Mixed results

Article only results