I am truly passionate about creating tools and services that help make life that little bit simpler while still providing small moments of joy where you may have not expected it.

I work primarily on digital projects for mobile and web but never say never to a challenge of something new or out of the ordinary. In fact I have always been curious about technology and how people use it now or how they could make of use of it in different ways in the future.

For the last 8 years or so I have been focussed on user experience design in it’s various forms. I came to it almost by accident via stints running digital teams, design and even a dabble here and there in front end coding.

I am now on the look out for challenges where creating a great experience is at that the heart of everything. I’m happy working on a project basis, especially if there is room to create something special by collaborating with all of the key people on the project (client, strategy, design and development).

I am also looking for a longer term role where I can shape and grow the process of a team with designing websites in the 21st century in mind. I have some ideas of how this should look and would love to talk to anyone who shares a vision of working in new ways to design for the world we live in and not compromise because of traditional methodologies.

User testing
Information architecture

Personal stuff
I’m a fanatic about many things including road cycling, snowboarding, photography